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A direct ancestor or descendant of mine

Married to, but not a direct ancestor of mine

1 generation from directline connection (i.e. parent was my ancestor)

married to someone 1 generation from directline connection

2 generations from directline connection

married to someone 2 generations from directline connection

3 generations from directline connection

married to someone 3 generations from directline connection

4 generations from directline connection

married to someone 4 generations from directline connection

5 or more generations from directline connection

married to someone 5 or more generations from directline connection

linked to one of the above

Privacy Policy

On this web site, I intend to provide information about only deceased persons. I have also tried to avoid providing information which would link the parents of living persons to anyone living. This provides a balance between protecting the privacy of the living and providing information on our extended family.

As a result, lists of children may be incomplete if they are not known to be dead (or not over 100 years old).

There are no living persons included as subjects, but by exception, some living persons may be named in transcribed public records (e.g. newspapers, Probate indexes).

No defamatory personal comments from interviews (should they exist) are included, unless they are already in the public domain (e.g. newspaper article).

The names of contributing researchers have been replaced by a number. No other information is included.

If you find a mistake, want your name removing, or if you have a concern, please contact me.


Warning! This web site may contain mistakes! My main line is well and thorougly researched, but some of the side branches and descendants may be less well researched and may include supposition.

There is not yet a clear way of representing "quality" (or surety) of information on the site.

In addition, material from other people is of unknown quality.

In general, material within the memory of living persons is likely to be correct, supposition generally starts further back.

The main suppositions to be wary of are based on the "GRO indexes", i.e. BC-Reg, MC-Reg, DC-Reg alone, and from indexes where relationship information is not shown (e.g. 1861 and 1901 census indexes).

In the cases where I have no actually seen the certificate, assumptions have been made.

Of such assumptions are some family trees constructed! (which is probably OK for uncommon surnames, but not for others). If there is doubt, then I tend to make a note.

This version now includes my "research notes" and "note" tags for the above reason.

To summarise, be aware of the "source" used. The assumptions may not be entirely accurate if drawn only from indexes.

If you find a mistake, can add to the information, or have a query please let me know.


These are sparse on the ground at present, but I eventually hope to include photographs and documents.

Exhibits will be credited, please don't re-use the exhibits without re-crediting the owner.

Some exhibits will not be available for re-use, as they may be copyright.

Those for single researcher use only won't be available (i.e. not publishable on a web site).

Photos which are not credited will be my own - please don't use without crediting me.

Use of these data

If data from these trees (not independently collected) is extracted for use in any other way (including other family trees), please include a reference to myself as originator/compiler of the information, and to any other originators of information named as sources.

Please don't include my email address (below) in plain text on web sites (to prevent it being automatically read and added to SPAM lists).

This avoids me having to verify my information (again) if it comes back via a different route.

Thank you.


Happy hunting!